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I keep seeing these videos with people in bathing suits and t-shirts, tank tops. For me personally, when I bring awarerness to a charity, I prefer a more formal setting, so excuse me…

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Head cannon about the Talamasca?

Really, REALLY awful interdepartmental feuds. Never forget: they have an oubliette, and they know how to use it. That’s canon. :O

much oubliette. so fighty.

Headcannon: All divisions of the Watchers originate from the Talamasca.

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dear fandom,



benedict cumberbatch is almost forty. lestat was immortalized just after he turned 20. as much as anne loves benedict and as sweet of a person as he is

it’s not going to happen

hiddles has a better shot at louis, but he’s still ten years louis’ biological senior. again, louis was 24 when he was turned.

also pushing for these actors to be cast is massively unfair to young, emerging actors that would be much better types for the parts. benedict was in virtually every nerdy adaptation that was made in 2013. we need a break from him.

they’re cool headcanons

but stop pushing for them to cast those two because it’s not going to happen. i’m not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings, i’m just being real.

if benedict does get cast in this, it will probably be as marius.

#OH GOD NO#new things to fear#I like him in Sherlock but just no#but yes i agree with this post#I’d rather see less big names and have a franchise with a shot at not pricing itself out of existence with expensive stars#vampire chronicles

I like these actors but… no. Just no. So very much wrong with casting either of them as Louis and Lestat.

Gimme fresh new talent!