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Wait… Nemo in latin means nobody… So the real title of Finding Nemo is Finding Nobody… So that means Nemo wasn’t even real but a part of Marlin’s imagination. He just unintentionally made up Nemo so he could cope with the loss of his wife and his almost children.


No. It means Martin has poor choices in names.

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Joss Whedon On The Captain America/Iron Man Scene That Was Cut From The Avengers

As for CAPTAIN AMERICA, that film, with Stark’s father and his admiration for Steve Rogers… there’s an interesting potential for conflict there with Tony and Howard Stark’s hero worship of Cap. Was there ever anything more about that resentment?
Joss Whedon:
There was a ton more. One of the problems we had early on was that I had way more Iron Man, and at some point I realized “This is turning into IRON MAN 3. That’s a mistake for them, that’s a mistake for me, and it’s putting too much responsibility on Robert’s shoulders. He needs to be the rock star who shows up and says ‘Oh, let me handle this, because I’m a rock star.’” That felt very right. But I had written endless scads of pages of him and Steve Rogers arguing, and a lot of it was about [Howard Stark]. Not so much, because his daddy issues had been the thing in the second movie, but enough because of that relationship. Actually the only time Chris and Robert were in the Quinjet, I had a little run about the father, and on the day they were like “We’re not so comfortable with this.” I went “Okay, let’s pull it,” so there’s really just the one comment. But I feel like you don’t necessarily need to say it. It’s there. I mean, Chris is such a father figure as Steve Rogers - even though he’s young and maybe just by virtue of the fact that he is a beautiful fuddy-duddy. Their relationship I think resonates without having to call it back too much. And when he says “And every time I would think ‘You know, your father would never say that’”, I wanted Tony to say “My Dominic Cooper father or my John Slattery father? Because they were very different guys.”

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Small Fandoms

Discworld fans:
Everyone is awesome and we regret nothing (except maybe Eric...)
Skulduggery Pleasant fans:
American Gods fans:
Yeah, Loki's fucked uuuuup
Good Omens fans:
This is the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fiiiiiine
The Goon, Deadpool and Lobo fans: